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Mohamed Fahmy Tolba Hassan


Mohamed Fahmy Tolba Hassan


Ain Shams University


Faculty of Computers and Informatiom Sciences


Scientific Computing

Specialization :

الحسابات العلمية

Field of
Specialization :

نمذجة ومحاكاة/حسابات علمية


Emeritus Professor

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Research Fields :

recognition, neural network, language recognition, technique, feature, image segmentation, algorithm

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Biography :

Dr. Tolba is a Professor of Scientific Computing, (1984-Present). He was the Vice President of Ain Shams University (2002 – 2006) and Dean of the Faculty of Computers and Information Sciences (1996 – 2002).

Dr. Tolba has more than 250 publications in the fields of AI, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, OCR, Scientific Computing, Simulation and Modeling. Also Dr. Tolba has supervised more 60 M.Sc. and 40 Ph.D. degrees in Ain Shams University and other Egyptian Universities. He is a Consultant to different local and international organizations for IT.

Dr. Tolba is a Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE USA (2000 – Present), Member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) USA (2000 – Present), Member of the International Association for Science and Technology for Development (IASTED) Canada (1995 – 2007), Member of the International Society for Computers and their Applications (ISCA) USA (1998 – 2007), Member of the eLearning Committee Board (2008 - Present), Member of ITAC (Information Technology Academic Collaboration (2005- Present),  Member of the Software Engineering Competence Center – SECC (2004 – Present), Member of the Advisory Committee of "Strengthening Science and Technology Researchers Project – STRP" Ministry of Scientific Research (2006 – 2009) and Member of the committee for evaluation of Egyptian space program of the National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences - Ministry of Scientific Research.

Also, Dr. Toba participated in several international, regional and local conferences, he was the Honorary Chairs of the 2nd International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Systems and Informatics “AISI 2016”, Co-Chairs of the Scientific Conference on Enterprise System Engineering (March 2015), International advisory board of the 1st International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Systems and Informatics “AISI 2015”. Volume Editor for Scientific Research Group in Egypt “SEGE” 2014. General Co-Chairs of the 2nd International Conference on Advanced Machine Learning Technology Applications (AMLTA 2014). Session Committee for International conference on Industry Academia Collaboration, March 2014. Honorary Chairs, Africacrypt 2013. Honorary Chairs, International Computing Conference in Arabic: ICCA 2012. Consultancy board of Egyptian Informatics Journal, Cairo University 2012. Keynote Speaker for ICCSIT 2012: International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology, Venice, Italy, April 11-13, 2012. Editorial Board, International Journal of Software Engineering (IJSE) 2012. Associate Editors, International Journal of Swarm Intelligence and Evolutionary, 2010. Honorary Chairs & Opening Session Speaker, International Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Applications (ISDA), 2010.

Also he is the Chairman of the IT Sector Committee of the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities (2008-2015), Chairman of IT Executive Committee of the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities (2008-2015), Information Technology Advisor to the Minister of Education, Egypt (1988-Present), and he was the Information Technology Advisor to the Governor of the Egyptian Central Bank of Egypt, (1999-2005), Information Technology Advisor to the Minister of Finance, Egypt (2000-2005), Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Supreme Council for Professorship Promotion in the field of Information Sciences (2016).