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Usama Ali Mohamed Gad


Usama Ali Mohamed Gad


Ain Shams University


Faculty of Arts


Specialization :

قسم الحضارة الاوربية القديمة

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Specialization :

علم البردى ./قسم الحضارة الاوربية القديمة


Assistant Lecturer

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Papyrology, Greek and Latin Language and Literature, Classics, Ancient History

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My Name is Usama Gad. I'm an asistant lecturer in the department of Ancient European Civilization of Ain Shams University. I'm living currently in Germany. I've come to Heidelberg in order to get my PhD. in Greek from the Inistitut für Papyrologie. My work is focused on some Greek papyri from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, which I'm now editing as part of my PhD. 

I'm developing now some ideas about my future interests in field of Greek and Latin studies. Beside papyrology, I would like also to explore the possiblity of reviving a tradition, which has some roots in Ain Shams. By such I mean the medieval Arabic translations of Greek philosophical and scientific works, but in a digital way. In this regard I hope I could get the fund to launch a corpus of aligned Greek-Arabic translated works. Another major interest of my future studies is the history of Greek and Latin studies in modern day Egypt. 

If you are interrested in contacting me, so here is my contact details:

E-mail:         usama_gad@art.asu.edu.eg