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Khaled Fouad Khaled Mahmoud

  • Arabic Name: خالد فؤاد خالد محمود
  • Faculty: Faculty of Education
  • Department: Department of Chemistry
  • General Specialization : Physical chemistry
  • Specialization: Applied electrochemistry
  • Degree: Professor
  • Current Status: In Working
  • Official Email: khaledrice2003@edu.asu.edu.eg
  • Google Scholar: Google Scholar Link
  • Research Gate: Research Gate Link
  • Scopus: Scopus Link
  • H-index: N/A
  • Orcid: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-7412-0791
  • Research Fields: Chemistry; Physical Chemistry; Computational Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Corrosion, Education
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ASU Awards

  • 2009

    Award: State Incentive Award (Academy of Scientific Research)

    • Provider: Scientific Research Academy
    • Field: Basic Sciences
    • Category: Academy of Scientific Research Awards
  • 2009

    Award: Awards presented by the Academy of Scientific Research

    • Provider: Scientific Research Academy
    • Category: Academy of Scientific Research Awards

Scientifc Research (104)

Research Title Year Citations
Quantitative structure activity relationship and artificial neural network as vital tools in predicting coordination capabilities of organic compounds with metal surface: A review 2021 5
Studies on the Effect of Some Pyrimidine Derivatives on the Corrosion of Iron in 1M Hydrochloric Acid 2021 1
Exploring the electronic and optical absorption properties for homo-and hetero-pyrrole-graphene quantum dots 2021
Microstructure and corrosion behaviour of NiTiCo shape memory alloys under various aging conditions 2017 1
Creation and use of an iBook as well as chemistry videos to improve student learning experiences in general chemistry Laboratory 2017
Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy investigations of steel corrosion in acid media in the presence of thiophene derivatives 2016 26
Synthesis, Characterization and Corrosion Protection Properties of Imidazole Derivatives on Mild Steel in 1.0 M HCl 2016 11
QSAR of corrosion inhibitors by genetic function approximation, neural network and molecular dynamics simulation methods 2016 9
L-arginine as corrosion and scale inhibitor of steel in synthetic reservoir water 2016 7
Validation of a predictive model for corrosion inhibition of API 5L X60 steel in chloride solution 2016 5
A manganese-based coordination polymer; synthesis, structure and catalytic activity 2016
Synthesis and Reactivity of Enaminone of Naphtho[b]1,4Oxazine: One Pot Synthesis of Novel Isolated and Heterocycle Fused Derivatives with Antimicrobial and Antifungal Activities1 2015 29
Cerium salt as green corrosion inhibitor for steel in acid medium 2015 11
Investigation of essential oil constituents isolated from Trichodesma africanum (L.) grow wild in Egypt 2015 3
Experimental, Monte Carlo and molecular dynamics simulations to investigate corrosion inhibition of mild steel in hydrochloric acid solutions 2014 76

Journal Name Published Date Sector Journal Website ISSN
Egyptian Journal of Chemistry 2021-03-28 Basic Science Journal Website 2357-0245

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Nominated Awards

  • 2021

    Award: Ain Shams Appreciation Award

    • Provider: Ain Shams University
    • Field: Basic sciences
    • Category: Ain Shams Appreciation Award

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