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Mai Saleh Abd El Maksood Hussien

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  • 2021

    Award: Ain Shams Incentive Award

    • Provider: Ain Shams University
    • Field: Basic sciences
    • Category: Ain Shams Incentive Award
    • Video Interview: View Interview

Scientifc Research (31)

Research Title Year Citations
Lattice strain-, size-, and magnetic-dependent anti-Trichinella spiralis effect of Er3+ lightly doped zinc ferrite nanoparticles: In-vivo and in-vitro evaluations 2022 1
Facile Synthesis of Nanostructured Mn-Doped Ag 3 PO 4 for Visible Photodegradation of Emerging Pharmaceutical Contaminants: Streptomycin Photodegradation 2021 3
Enhancing the structural, optical, electrical, properties and photocatalytic applications of ZnO/PMMA nanocomposite membranes: towards multifunctional membranes 2021 1
5-minute synthesis of gelatinous silver nanoparticles using microwave radiation: Plasmonic optical spectroscopy and antimicrobial activity 2021 1
Eco-friendly synthesis of g-carbon nitride coated graphene nanocomposites for superior visible photodegradation of hydroquinone: Physicochemical mechanisms and photo-Fenton effect 2021
Synthesis and Characterization of Yttrium-Doped Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticles and Their Potential Antimicrobial Activity 2021
The Synthesis and Chemistry of 2-Imino-2H-Chromene-3-Carbo (Thio) Amides 2021
Enhancing the electrical, optical, and structure morphology using Pr2O3-ZnO nanocomposites: Towards electronic varistors and environmental photocatalytic activity 2021
Multifunctional and smart Er2O3–ZnO nanocomposites for electronic ceramic varistors and visible light degradation of wastewater treatment 2021
Structural, Morphological and Optical Bandgap Analysis of Multifunction Applications of Y2O3-ZnO Nanocomposites: Varistors and Visible Photocatalytic Degradations of Wastewater 2021
Hybrid multifunctional core/shell gC 3 N 4@ TiO 2 heterojunction nano-catalytic for photodegradation of organic dye and pharmaceutical compounds 2021
Facile synthesis of some novel 1,3,4,2-oxa(thia)diazaphospholo[5,4-b]quinazolinones and 1,2,4,3-triazaphospholo[5,1-b]quinazolinones 2021
Regioselective Synthesis of Novel Functionalized Pyrano [2′, 3′: 4, 5] pyrimido [1, 6-b][1, 2, 4, 5] triazaphosphepines 2021
Synthesis and optical analysis of nanostructured F-doped ZnO thin films by spray pyrolysis: Transparent electrode for photocatalytic applications 2021 8
Enhancement of Urbach's energy and non-lattice oxygen content of TiO1. 7 ultra-thin films for more photocatalytic activity 2020 6

Journal Name Published Date Sector Journal Website ISSN
Optical Materials 2021-02-20 Basic Science Journal Website 0925-3467
Journal of Photochemistry & Photobiology, A: Chemistry 2021-06-07 Basic Science Journal Website 1010-6030
Egyptian Journal of Chemistry 2021-03-28 Basic Science Journal Website 2357-0245
Journal of Photochemistry & Photobiology, A: Chemistry 2021-12-16 Basic Science Journal Website 1873-2666
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 2021-10-28 Basic Science Journal Website 0944-1344
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 2021-11-28 Basic Science Journal Website 0957-4522
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 2021-11-02 Basic Science Journal Website 0304-8853
Sustainable Energy & Fuels 2022-06-07 Basic Science Journal Website 2398-4902
Materials 2022-05-01 Basic Science Journal Website 1996-1944
Materials 2022-03-28 Basic Science Journal Website 1996-1944
Nanomaterials 2022-03-24 Basic Science Journal Website 2079-4991
Crystals 2022-04-11 Basic Science Journal Website 2073-4352
Russian Journal of Organic Chemistry 2021-02-25 Basic Science Journal Website 1070-4280
Synthetic Communications 2021-02-01 Basic Science Journal Website 0039-7911
Mini-Reviews in Organic Chemistry 2021-10-31 Basic Science Journal Website 1570-193X
Materials Research and Technology 2022-05-11 Basic Science Journal Website 2214-0697

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